Eating Pitfalls To Avoid

weight loss naples flWhen learning to eat more healthy, there are always Pitfalls to Avoid – Here are 3 Major Avoids…

1. Skipping meals. Many otherwise healthy eaters “diet” during the day but then “binge” at night.

2. Don’t “graze” yourself into becoming fat. You can easily pig out on 600 calories of pretzels, chips or cereal without even realizing it.

3. Ignoring “Serving Size” information on the Nutrition Facts panel. 1–2 ounces is an appropriate serving size for cheese, nut butters, nuts, olives and seeds; 2–3 ounces for avocados, whole grain bread, cereal, grains or pasta; 4–6 ounces for cottage cheese, eggs or meat; 6–8 ounces for fruits and vegetables; and 8–12 ounces for beans, lentils, potatoes and yogurt. Another simple option would be to use those natural measuring devices given to you by the Creator (your hands)—your thumb is a good estimate for servings of avocadoes, cheese, olives and nut butters; your four main fingers held together for meat or bread; your palm for cottage cheese and egg; your cupped hand for dry whole grains, nuts and seeds; and your closed fist for fruits, vegetables, potatoes, beans, yogurt and cooked noodles/pasta/rice.

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